Robert Tomic Zuber

He has been working as a journalist and editor in Croatian publications for 18 years and he was awarded twice by the Croatian Journalist Society. During the last 8 years he’s mostly been doing journalistic work for Croatian Radiotelevision. His first documentary film, “Na stanici u Puli” was the most watched documentary in cinemas that year. His second autobiographical documentary, “An Accidental Son” received the award Oktavijan for the best documentary of the year on the Days of Croatian Film. His last film, “Mila Seeks Senida” received an award at Sarajevo Film Festival. Today, he is a Commissioning Editor at Croatian Radiotelevision.

Hans Robert Eisenhauer

As commissioning editor for ZDF-ARTE, Deputy Programme Director and Head of Theme Evenings for ARTE, Hans Robert’s more than 60 theatrical lengths commissions for TV and Cinema including since 1992 Oscar nominated Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders, Super8Story by Emir Kusturica and Oscar-winner Taxi To The Dark Side. He also served as director of the Berlin Film Fund and he is member of the European Film Academy. Today, Hans Robert is running Ventana-Film that produced among others Talal Derki’s “Return to Homs” that had it’s world premiere at IDFA and received the Grand Jury Prize for the best international documentary film at the Sundance Film-Festival. He is also working as a tutor and expert at the Greenhouse-Workshop.

Ildikó Enyedi

She was born in 1955 in Budapest. Between 1978 and 1984 she was member of the INDIGÓ art team. She used to make short films in Balázs Béla Studio, and then her first feature film, My 20th Century won the Golden Camera for the best first film in 1989 at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1991 she received the Balázs Béla Award. Simon the Magician was attributed the Best Director Award at the Hungarian Film Week. First Love was given the Best Short Film Prize at the Miami Film Festival, and the Main Prize at the Geneva Sci-fi Festival called X-Science. At present Ildikó Enyedi is working as a professor at the University of Film and Drama Arts in Budapest. She has recently co-directed a series for HBO Europe.

Márton Vecsei

I am in my second year at Film Studies Master’s Program at Eötvös Loránd University. I received my Bachelor of Science in Film theory and history at ELTE in 2013. I also studied creative writing, and I am the co-founder of Szerdai Szalon, a literary club in Budapest. Besides my interests in film and literature, I am a singer, guitarist, lyricist in a blues-rock band. I worked as a moderator-coordinator at the first BIDF last year.

Tamás Almási

Tamás Almási is a film director and professor at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. He directs but sometimes also photographs and produces his own films. So far he has made more than forty full-length documentaries and some fiction films, which have been screened at a number of highly prestigious festivals in Europe and overseas earning him numerous awards. His films have been also shown on TVs and on the big screen in various parts of the world. He is the course director of DocNomads, an international master program.

Peter Jäger

Born in Belgium, Peter studied law and philosophy.As a young film fanatic he started working for a Film-magazine becoming 'Commercial & Marketing Director'. Following his passion for film, Peter became 'Marketing and Acquisitions Director' for Benelux theatrical distributors and cinema-exhibitors handling over a 100 films like "The Celebration", "Mulholland Drive", "The Lord Of The Rings".
In 2005 Peter founded Autlook Filmsales together with 3 Austrian producers becoming CEO. Today Autlook is a leading global distributor for Documentaries. Peter is a partner & consultant for Autlook and a distribution expert consultant of Creative Europe (Media) Programme, a Jury member of the Flemish Film Fund, Vienna Film Fund and a distribution-marketing-sales Lecturer/Tutor at Film Academies, Universities, Workshops and Festivals (IDFA, Berlinale, Cannes, ...).

György Horváth

Independent film programme organizer and adviser. Lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Founder and Director of Titanic International Filmfestival, Budapest, Hungary -since its foundation in 1993.

Lecturer at UNIVERSITY OF THEATRE AND FILM, and at the Hungarian UNIVERSITY OF FINE ARTS, Budapest, Silent Film, Film History and Film Interpretation.

Attila Gigor

Attila Galambos, mostly credited as Attila Gigor is film and theater director, writer.

Svitlana Shymko

Svitlana Shymko is an independent filmmaker from Ukraine. Recently she graduated from an international MA program in Documentary film directing - DocNomads. Her films have been presented at several international documentary film festivals over the last couple years, including IDFA and Sheffield Doc/Fest. Prior to embarking on the filmmaking career, she has worked in the field of gender studies and journalism. Her special interest is in feminist documentaries.

Martina Šantavá

Ms. Martina Šantavá has been a professional on the field of Production of Documentary films, Feature Documentaries since 1997. In years 2000 – 2003 she collaborated with the company AQS on the pre-selection of suitable titles to purchase for the Czech TV market. In 2007, Martina joined HBO Czech Republic where she initially worked on programming before becoming a producer and preparing the original production, particularly feature-length films. Martina Šantavá has worked as a Creative Producer with Czech Television´s production group for social affairs, documentaries, culture and cross genre since 2012.

Eduard Moschitz

Director of the feature documentary „MAMA ILLEGAL”. World premiere at the IDFA, in Amsterdam, since 2005 laecturer at the University of Krems for the master studies program for “quality journalism”. Since 1998 Reporter and journalist at the “Austrian Broadcasting Corporation”, in a documentary program. Research, design and review of 100 TV programs in the length of 30 or 45 minutes 1997 to 1999 Journalist at the ”radio station Ö1” a cultural radio program. 1996 Journalist at the “radio station FM4” 1995 Civil service at the Viennese Red Cross 1994 to 1996 Writing of reports and articles for different magazines and newspapers in Austria.

György Pálos

Film director and producer, lecturer in different Universities (Hungary and Hong Kong), director of photography, sriptwriter, photographer, and father of four kids. Directed feature films and documentaries, produced more than hundred TV shows and documentaries, wrote film and televison show critics for film magazines, worked for 15 years for the International Public Television Conference, and hosts a call-in talk show on the independent "Radio Tilos" station. His dog's name is Ödön.

Áron Farkas

I am a student at MET (Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences) in the class of cinematographers Gábor Medvigy and Róbert Maly on the course Cameraman Studies. Besides reaching my career goals as cinematographer, I am highly itended to gain as much experience as possible in directing films with a desire of later becoming a professional film director. I have always considered films as the most diverse and colourful way of expression of all arts therefore I am open to each genre and style whilst keeping my eyes wide open to the world.

Mike Lerner

Oscar-Nominated, Mike Lerner has been making films since 1988 including Afghan Star, Hell and Back Again, Smash & Grab - The Story of the Pink Panthers, Tierra Caliente, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer.

He has won a number of industry awards including; Academy Award Nomination for Best Documentary Feature, 7 Sundance Awards, 1 EMMY, 2 Grierson Awards for Best Documentary, Prix Italia, 3 Royal Television Society Award Nominations and 2 IDA Award Nominations, and many others.

Zsolt Ballagó

Zsolt Ballago is a college-leaver student of the Eszterházy Károly College in Eger, branch of Film and Media Studies BA.

Filmmaking for me is a passion and also vocation. I have made several short films and abstract films during my studies, which got good critics from my teachers.
I prefer films, which have an unique view of the world - in my opinion the documentary films can show this aspect one of the best ways.
In the college I have got wide filmtheorical and filmhistorical knowledges, I have written lots of filmessays based on different schools and focuspoints, currently I’m working on my diplomafilm.

Róbert Lakatos

Dr. Róbert – Árpád Lakatos: Born in 1968, film director and DOP, teacher of the film department at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, in Cluj–Napoca, Romania. He completed his main studies in filmmaking at the Polish National Filmschool in Lódz. For his films: Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!) – docu – fiction, Csendország (Land of Silence) – observational documentary, Ördögtérgye (Genius Diabolis) - short fiction, etc. - he received prizes like Europa Cinemas Label – at Karlovy Vary, Golden Dove in Leipzig, Hungarian Film Critic's Prize, Best Short Film at Hungarian Film Week, etc.

Věra Krincvajová

The founder of the independent Student Newspapers during the Velvet Revolution (1989-1991). The reporter and the war correspondent (Lithuania, former Yugoslavia). Cooperator on the P R. campaignes in the nonprofit sector (specialization on helping drug addicts). Last decade working mostly on documentraries for the public Czech TV and freelance dramaturgy and currently as the senior editor for documentaries at the Film Center, Czech TV.

Diana Groó

Diana Groó is a feature and documentary film director. Co-founder of Katapultfilm studio (2002), Malcah Productions (2011) and DunaDock-atelier of documentary- Masterclasses and workshops (2013). After her prize winning shorts and documentaries (aired by HBO, Arte, YLE), her debut feature film was A Miracle in Cracow a Polish-Hungarian coproduction with coproducer Krzisztof Zanussi. Her second feature film was “Vespa” (2010) awarded by UNICEF, winner of the Dialog Prize for Intercultural Communication in Cottbus, the Best Director’s Award in Geneva and Los Angeles. Her last work is “Regina” (2013) was the winner of the Lia Award at 30th Jerusalem Film Festival 2013, ( further awards: Hungarian Filmcritics Award, Grand Prix IFF of Cultural Arts Hu, Warsaw Phoenix Award 2014 , Special Award of Moscow JFF 2015.)

Nenad Puhovski

Nenad Puhovski made his first, amateur film, when he was 15. He directed more than 250 productions in theater, film and television. Many of them have been screened and awarded worldwide. In 1997, Puhovski founded FACTUM, which soon became the largest and most influential independent documentary film production in Croatia. He produced over 70 documentary films which were screened and awarded all around the globe. In 2004, he founded ZagrebDox – the largest documentary festival in the region. In 2009 he got EDN (European Documentary Network) award for his “outstanding contribution to the development of the European documentary culture”. Nenad Puhovski is a member of European Film Academy and honorary member of CILECT.

Sári Haragonics

Sari Haragonics has freshly graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest with an MA in Directing Documentary. She received her BA in Media Production in the United Kingdom. For the last eight years she has been working as a director and editor of short films and documentaries. Many of her work has been selected at festivals internationally (CEU20, The Station, Laura Lackey, Once upon a time in Hungary, Culture face - Dialektus Film Festival Student Prize)

In 2013 she co-directed a TV documentary series for the European documentary channel, Spektrum. Right now she is working as a freelance director and editor.

Csaba Bollók

Csaba Bollók is a writer-director who started as an indie filmmaker.

Made his first shorts at the legendary Béla Balázs Stúdió and documentaries at the cultural television Duna. Winner of many international and home prizes - among them the Grand Prize of Hungarian Filmweek (2007), the European Discovery of the Year (2007, Reykjavik), Hungary's Academy Award Nominee (2009, Los Angeles), he is teaching filmmaking at Eszterházy Károly College and scriptwriting at Midpoint - Central European Screenwriting Center, Praha.

Gábor Zsigmond Papp

Hungarian documentary maker. He graduated from University of ELTE and Hungarian Film Academy of Budapest. He directed Budapest Retro (1998), The School of the Reich (2003), The Life of an Agent (2004), Balaton retro (2007), Spy in a One Horse Town (2009), My Soviet Pen Pal (2011) and a fiction serie Two against Paris (2015)

Heribert Schneiders

Born 1954. After working in several jobs he studied “Theatre and Media” at the University of Gießen. In the late 80s he worked at a production company as assistant to the CEO and producer of feature-films and documentaries. Since 1992 he is a member of the editorial office “History and Society” at MDR Television in Leipzig, Germany. He is responsible for historical documentaries, docu-dramas, contemporary feature length documentaries for MDR, ARD and arte.