STORY MARKET for content-producers who seek authentic human stories;

CATALYSATOR designed to make a real impact;

PLATFORM for everyday heroes and the Civil Society to gain quality publicity.

The task of Story Bridge Budapest is to facilitate the encounter of people with a mission who need efficient communication channels and filmmakers who seek subjects, and to support and foster their fruitful co-operation.


Story Bridge Budapest – Story Market for Filmmakers | 31.01.2020. 10am – 4pm

Venue: Cinema City Arena | Budapest, Kerepesi str. 9. | Room: 13

Storytellers’ Evening – Party of Filmmakers and Ordinary Heroes| 31.01.2020. 7pm

The joint event of MADOKE (Hungarian Association of Documentary Filmmakers and Story Bridge Budapest).

Venue: Prezi HQ | Budapest, Nagymező str. 54-56.