Tuza-Ritter Bernadett

BERNADETT TUZA-RITTER is a Hungarian independent film director and editor specializing in creative documentaries and fiction. She studied directing and editing at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. Her first feature length documentary A WOMAN CAPTURED has been premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the European Film Awards 2018. The film won several awards and became part of a world campaign called WHY SLAVERY and has been broadcasted on 70+ TV channels around the world. Member of HSE, Hungarian Film Academy and European Film Academy.

Müller Péter Sziámi

Péter Sziámi Müller is a poet, film director, songwriter and lecturer. In 1980, he founded the URH band, then the Kontroll-Csoport and the Sziámi band. In the past 6 years, he has been the songwriter and lead singer of the Müller Péter Sziámi And Friends band. In 1993, he envisioned and, together with Károly Gerendai, he realized Sziget festival - which has been chosen as the best major festival in Europe for several times by now - of which he is the creative director to this day.

Nagy Gábor

Gábor Nagy is the chief editor of HVG. He graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest in 1988, where he studied international relations. He started working for Világgazdaság newspaper, then he transferred to HVG in 1993 after working for Napi Gazdaság. Between 1999 and 2003, he was the New York based correspondent of the paper, and in addition to political and economic events, he was also writing about culture, including films as well. Subsequently, he became the director of the Világ column, then the editor-in-chief, however, he keeps on regularly writing about history and films.

Jukka-Pekka Laakso

Jukka-Pekka Laakso is the festival director of Tampere Film Festival. He has been involved with the selection and programming since 2000. He has been a member of more than 50 juries in film festivals including Edinburgh ff, Locarno ff, Festival du nouveau cinéma in Montreal and Morelia ff Mexico. He acts also as the executive director for Pirkanmaa Film Centre, that runs an art-house cinema and works extensively with media education.

Darko Nabakov

Darko Nabakov is an actor and art historian living and working in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the Department of Drama Actors at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 2017.
After his graduation, he had worked as a theatre educator for children and adults at the Cultural and Educational Center in Brno, Czech Republic . Nabakov is the executive director of the MakeDox international festival for documentary films and in the last seven years, he has been actively involved in the MakeDox association for promotion of creative documentaries.

Péterfy Bori

Singer and actress. She was a member of Pintér Béla’s Company, Krétakör, and the Hungarian National Theatre. Currently, she is working as a freelancer, and performs at the Katona József and Proton Theatres and at the Átrium. For her performance in Poligamy and Sunstroke, she was awarded a prize for Best Episode Performance. She started her musical career with a band named Amorf ördögök, and subsequently continued with the Péterfy Bori & Love Band. In 2007, they became nationally known for her song Hajolj bele a hajamba. Until now, they have published six studio albums.

Tina Leeb

Tina Leeb focuses on shaping documentaries for modern markets as creative producer and consultant with her company fastforward. She has produced many award-winning documentaries for TV and cinema among these 10 Billion – What’s on Your Plate?, Shalom Italia, MUHI – Generally Temporary. She started out in Leipzig in 2000 as casting agent with Local Heroes, set up and managed Sponsoring for DOK Leipzig and joined Celluloid Fabrik as managing partner and producer from 2011 - 17.

Litkai Gergely

Humorist, the artistic director and one of the founders of Dumaszínház; he was working as the editor-in-chief of Comedy Central Hungary at the time of the channel’s launch. He was the youngest Karinthy Ring holder when he was granted therecognition of Magyar Rádió. He had an important role in the multiple time Golden Blog winning hircsarda.hu fake news portal’s launching, and was the writer and creative producer of a number of series (Munkaügyek, Fapad). As a writer, man of ideas, and the first editor of Showder Klub, he was also present at the launch of Esti Showder.

Lakatos Márk

Márk Lakatos is the best-known stylist of Hungary, who has been awarded the Stylist Of the Year Award for his work three times. A vlogger, who is reporting from international and national fashion events, and has recently expanded his portfolio with gastronomic activities and lifestyle-travel videos. He has been working for a number of international and national film, theatre and opera productions as costume designer and show stylist. He works as style consultant and stylist trainer at the Lakatos Márk Salon founded by himself.

Talal Derki

Talal Derki studied film directing in Athens and worked as an assistant director for many feature film productions and was a director for different Arab TV programs. Furthermore, he worked as a freelance cameraman for CNN and Thomson & Reuters. His shortfilms and feature length documentaries received many awards at a variety of festivals. His feature documentary RETURN TO HOMS has won the Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Grand JuryPrize in 2014. He was a member of the international Jury at IDFA.

Péterfy-Novák Éva

Éva Péterfy-Novák was born 1961 in Diósgyőr, Hungary. Her first novel "Awoman", published in 2014, was a great success and was published in 10 editions. The actress in the monodrama with the same title written from the novel got the prize "The best actress of the year" in Hungary in 2016. Éva’s second book, "The Pink Costume" (2017) contains short stories. She wrote together with her husband, Gergely Péterfy the diary of their Chinese journey, „The embrace of the Panda”, published 2018. Her second novel, „Don’t take off your clothes in presence of your father”, published 2019.

Jarmila Outratová

Jarmila Outratová has been Head of Industry Office at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival since 2013. The Ji.hlava’s Industry Programme includes Emerging Producers – focusing on the upcoming generation of talented European documentary film producers, Ji.hlava Academy – an educational and inspiring workshop, Festival Identity – a platform for sharing experiences among festival organizers and programmers from around the world, as well as other industry events.

Feldmár András

Andrew Feldmár is a Hungarian born psychotherapist. He is most known as the Hungarian follower and friend of R.D. Laing, the Scottish psychiatrist who was one of the leading figures of the counterculture of the ‘60s. Feldmár has published 26 books in Hungarian, he lectures, teaches, provides supervision and therapy internationally, he has worked as a psychotherapist with 50 years of experience, having spent more than 100,000 hours with clients. He is a well-known expert in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Török Ferenc

Ferenc Török was born on April 23, 1971 in Budapest, Hungary. He has received Béla Balázs Award, a state recognition for outstanding achievement in filmmaking. Török is a member of the European Film Academy. He is known for Moszkva tér (2001), Szezon (2004), Overnight, (2007), Isztambul (2011) and Senki szigete (2014). His latest film 1945 (2017) was premiered at Berlinale, and since then was presented at several festivals. It won important prizes, included the Yad Vashem Award at Jerusalem IFF.

Fabrizio Grosoli

Fabrizio Grosoli is a film critic, producer, festival programmer and expert on documentaries. He co-directs Trieste Film Festival with Nicoletta Romeo and collaborates with the italian distribution company I Wonder Pictures as a strategic consultant. He is also the artistic director of International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, Milan and a programmer of Biografilm Festival, Bologna

Kis Hajni

Hajni Kis is making her first feature film with the working title Separate Flock. She has won numerous awards with her short films entitled Last Call and Beautiful Figure. The latter was nominated for the Student Academy Award and has been invited to more than a hundred film festivals all over the world. Last Call has also participated prestigious film festivals such as the Sarajevo Film Festival winning its Heart of Sarajevo for Best Student Film award in 2018; in addition, ARTE and HBO has broadcasted it. Her first film, 2.em, a documentary has also been presented all over the world.

Clémence Arrivé

Clémence Arrivé studied film direction, aesthetics and film theory at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. She recently joined the programming team of the french film festival Cinéma du Réel in Paris after several different positions. She contributes to the online film journal Critikat and has been part of the organisation of several French festivals including Les Etats Généraux du film documentaire in Lussas.

Evelin Kaethoven

Nagy Zsolt

Zsolt Nagy (1976, Kisvárda, Hungary), actor. He started his career at the Jókai Theatre in Békéscsaba, and graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2000. Subsequently, he was playing in Krétakör Theatre, then in the Hungarian National Theatre. He has been the member of the Örkény István Theatre since 2014. In addition to his roles, he also appeared in successful Hungarian films, such as Kontroll, Children of Glory, The Whiskey Bandit, and Sunset. His most recent film, Drakulics elvtárs was premiered in the Hungarian cinemas in 2019.

Dragomán György

György Dragomán was born in 1973 in Marosvásárhely (Tirgu-Mures). The writer and literary translator has been living in Hungary since 1988. His books have been published in more than thirty languages. His best-known works: The white king (2005), The Bonfire (2014).

Ágnes Sugár

Ágnes Sugár has a 32 years old career in media, for 25 years she was a showrunner/editor at the television, mainly in the cultural department. The subjects of her work are heavily inspired by the world of theater and film. “Everything that’s human.” She has a great interest in discovering what are the things behind the curtain, that drive all of us. She started her seventh year at Klubrádió, as the head of the editorial board. An animal lover and devoted buddhist.

Medvigy Gábor

Cameraman, Balázs Béla Award-winner, Artist of Merit. He is a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers. He has worked with Béla Tarr, Zoltán Kamondi, Attila Janisch, Károly Makk, Gyula Maár, András Jeles and László Lugossy. He taught at the Budapest Metropolitan University (BKF) and the University of Theatre and Film Arts. Currently, he is working at the Lumiére Film School and the Budapest Metropolitan University. Besides other acknowledgements, his work has been honoured four times by the Hungarian Film Critics’ award for Best Cinematography.

Andrei Rus

Graduated at the National University of Theater and Cinematography „Ion Luca Caragiale” in Bucharest, where he now teaches film studies and film history classes. He is the Artistic Director of One World Romania International Documentary and Human Rights Film Festival and twice a month he coordinates a Cineclub. He used to be a member of the Administration Board of the Romanian CNC and, he was the Counsellor for Cinema of the Romanian Minister of Culture. He coordinated a film magazine (Film Menu) written by young critics and organized a Cineclub.

Michael Schmied

Michael Schmied studied International Development at the University of Vienna and has been working for international NGOs in Austria and on Cape Verde until 2017. Since then he is working for this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival in Vienna where he became one of the festival directors in 2018. He is interested in the intersection between artistic and sociopolitical forms and discourses and has curated film programs to the topics of spatial transformations or sports for social development.

Gulyás Márton

Márton Gulyás (1986) Hungarian theatre and filmmaker, youtube content creator. Former managing director of Krétakör (Chalkcircle) Ensemble, founder-co-founder of several civil-political movement.

Józsa László

Józsa László worked at Café Film as an agency producer on TV productions and commercials, short films and several documentaries. He has developed a documentary series on the new European mobility titled Leave/Stay. He is also involved in filming social projects and works with a number of NGOs. His first feature-length documentary as a producer ULTRA was co-produced by HBO Europe and was in the selection for the best documentaries for the EFA in 2017. Laszlo’s second feature length doc, Ghetto Balboa won the Hungarian Film Award for best documentary in 2019.

Lukács Csaba

Journalist, documentary filmmaker. In the last 25 years he worked as a senior journalist for daily newspapers like Esti Hírlap, Napi Magyarország and Magyar Nemzet. He had been specialized for foreign policy, terrorist acts, natural disasters and Hungarians across the border. He makes a documentary every two years, most recently about the root search for Romanian children sold abroad in the 1990s. Since April last year, he is journalist and managing director of a weekly newspaper called Hungarian Voice.

Serge Gordey

Serge Gordey is a documentary producer specialized in international co-productions, dealing with history, geopolitics, society and culture. Currently, he works with Paris-based Temps Noir. His track record includes acclaimed web projects such as Gaza-Sderot and feature length documentaries such as Five Broken Cameras (Oscar nominee, Sundance, International Emmy Award…), The wonderful kingdom of Papa Alaev (Toronto, Rotterdam). From 2015 to 2017, Serge was the president of the documentary committee of CNC (French film fund).