An unprecedented industry program awaits at the BIDF of 2018, the likes of which have never been put together in Hungary:

SBB: presents topics to the film industry on a silver plate.
SBB: is the bridge, with the goal to connect filmmakers with professionals (and concerned ones, who possess complete and specific stories in their pockets, because through their work and personal connections they are very close to stories of human destinies, and they are happy to share them with an audience.
Special, exciting, edifying, astounding, astonishing human stories that spurn one to action – all deserving of a documentary or feature film adaptation.
Even though we say that the topics lie on the ground, it is still difficult to approach a „case” or its presumed protagonist, to find the character who would be willing to be followed for the entirety of a documentary, it is different in the case of the SBB. Each story presented at the forum is ready to „shoot”.
The stories presented by invited guest speakers of the SBB all carry universal human substances, are thought-provoking, contain morals and discuss important sociological, political and other questions. At the events, filmmakers will have the opportunity to ask questions from even the protagonists of these stories. From here on it depends only on the filmmaker whether they „jump” at a topic…. The SBB aims to help them with this.

Participation is free of charge, but requires registration. Registrations can be sent to:

Time:  25th January, 2018, Thursday, 11:00-17:00
Place : Cinema City Aréna, Room 13