André Singer is a prominent British documentary filmmaker, an esteemed member of the industry. He is the producer of many works of Werner Herzog; they made 15 films together. In 2016, he won an Emmy for directing the documentary Night Will Fall, he was Series Editor of Disappearing World, he set up the Fine Cut series (later to become Storyville) at BBC. In the past few years Singer has executive produced We Went to War by the late Mike Grigsby, Dreams of a Life by Carol Morley, the multiple award-winning and Oscar nominated diptych The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence by Josh Oppenheimer, etc. André is also the President of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

At BIDF 2018, we screen two films from his exceptionally wide-ranging work of art. The first one is his most recent documentary as a director, WHERE THE WIND BLEW, which is a deeply disturbing and necessary reminder of the damage caused by the nuclear conflict of the Cold War. The second film has been one of the biggest hits of film festivals around the world in the past years: the Oscar nominated THE ACT OF KILLING that André Executive Produced.

The two films can be watched separately as well, and they will be followed by a masterclass where the participants can peep behind the scenes of the documentary world with a guide who has worked for over forty years in the industry as researcher, producer, director, executive producer and commissioning editor.

Participation at the masterclass requires prior registration, tickets to screenings can be purchased online and at the venue. Registration:

Subtitles: in Hungarian and English.

Time: Friday  January 26. 12:00 – screening1: WHERE THE WIND BLEW
13:30 – screening2: THE ACT OF KILLING
15:30 – Beginning of Masterclass

Place: Cinema City Aréna, Room 11